Private 1-2-1 general dog training

Services offered

Private sessions generally take place in the office but can be done as a home or walk visit if you prefer, with additional cost. (This is for training only, not for established behaviours, see 'dog behaviour' page for information on this.

Dog training

If you can’t make the regular weekly course or you just have one or two things to work on such as sit, down, pulling on the lead or jumping up.

1-hour session - £55

Dog training at home or outside (park or walk)

1-hour park session from – from £90

Dog Training and general advice

Sometimes just training doesn't suffice, for instance, if your dog is not ‘motivated’ or easily distracted. We can teach you how to train your dog but often in the ‘real world’ the dog is still distracted. with this 2-hour session, we can not only offer training but also how to help your dog focus better and listen to you.

Basic training and general advice 2-hour session - from £95

If your dog has ' established behaviour' and is barking, growling, lunging, snarling, snapping, harassing others, dog or people, running away, not coming back, etc. then a 'private established behavioural assessment' will be required. If you are unsure contact us to discuss further for advice.


Our Ethos

Rather than using force with a dog, isn't it better for them to 'understand' what we would like them to do and for the dog to 'want' to and 'enjoy' doing it! We use only the most up to date, kind, fair and effective methods to help train your pets such as clicker positive reinforcement training. We do not advocate the use of punishment such as choke/check chain, spiked or prone collars or E-collar (electric). Nor kicking, nipping, pinching or pinning of dogs. Not only are these methods inhuman but also derogatory in training and behaviour modification not to mention the relationship with the pet.

Map for training room , office - 363 Greengairs Rd, Greengairs Airdrie, ML6 7TE

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