Cats with Problem Behaviour

Problems such as

Fears and phobia's (fireworks, thunder, loud noises, people)

Aggression towards people

Aggression towards other cats or animals

Spitting/growling inappropriately

Separation related disorders

Destruction/clawing of your home

Urine spraying inappropriately in the home

House soiling - sudden refrain from the use of the litter tray

Attention seeking

Our approach

Cat owners can have their own specific problems, which can usually be rectified over a period of time. Home visits are available for cat cases (outwith COVID restrictions), though ‘remote’ assessments are also available.

General behavioural assessment

Each case is treated individually, taking approximately 2 hours or more for several cats, evaluating the emotional and general mood state together with the motivational cause - most importantly the cause is then treated rather than the behaviour. During which I will provide a behaviour modification plan and a report, which you will have to follow to see any improvements. Generally, the longer the cat has been behaving this way the longer it takes but a lot of it depends on how much effort the owner puts in too.  A few weeks later I ask you to contact me with a progress update by phone. The cost for the initial 2 hours is  £130/£135 for 1 cat, with an extra £40 per additional cat in the household, due to the extra time required. This does not include home visit fee, which will be calculated once the questionnaire has been completed, but will be a minimum of an extra £30, depending on your postcode. With the outstanding fee discounted by £5 if paid in cash or bank transfer, alternatively full payment prior to assessment with card payment.

Online face to face behavioural assessment

As above though via Zoom or alternative. This offers a very similar assessment, as I can see the cat(s) in their environment and you can show me any areas that may be of concern, i.e. where they are scent marking in the home, where the litter tray is, access to outdoors for instance. The cost is the same as above without the added home visit fee, making it more cost-effective. The full payment is taken prior to the assessment, discounted to £130 for bank transfer or £135 for card payment, plus additional for the extra cat(s).

Cases can be referred by the owner's veterinary surgeon, assuring the owner that the problem is not medically related - this can be particularly true if the behaviour has had a sudden onset and when related to toileting in the home. 

Remote behavioural assessment

Whilst not as in-depth as a full general assessment some cases can be addressed remotely. This would consist of you completing the questionnaire, providing video footage of the home, garden environment, the social interactions of the cat(s) together with the problem behaviour (where possible). When required a phone or video call can be added at an extra cost. This starts at £110 with the addition of £40 per extra cat in the household. 

INITIAL CONTACT should be made by completing the 'Questionnaire', after which contact me by telephone 01236 830822 when a suitable appointment time will be made and a deposit is taken (home visit fee plus £50). If an appointment needs to be cancelled or postponed 48 hours business notice will be required to prevent you losing your deposit (I don't work Saturday or Sunday). Most assessments take place on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday morning though on occasion other arrangements can be made. A Saturday appointment is available but costs an extra £80 over and above the basic fee and home visit fee. 

Contact will then be made via the client calling me on the telephone or email whereupon if required additional information will be given. For some cases such as aggression, a practical follow up session may be advantageous.


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