Help with Established Problem behaviour in dogs

To assist owners in how best to understand and rectify or manage a problem behaviour they may have with their dog.

Problems such as

Separation related disorders

such as Crying, barking, howling, toileting, being destructive

Aggression towards people

biting, lunging, growling, snapping, barking

Aggression towards dogs or animals

biting, lunging, growling, snapping, barking

Fears and phobia's

fireworks, thunder, loud noises, people

Running away

from home or when out walking

Attention seeking

stealing, barking, biting, crying, whining

Barking/growling inappropriately

at people, other animals, in the home, garden, out walking

Destruction/Chewing of your home or car

destroying items, furniture or the home, car or garden

House toilet training

out with the normal puppy stage of under 6 months

Our Ethos

Rather than using force with a dog, isn't it better for them to 'understand' what we would like them to do and for the dog to 'want' to and 'enjoy' doing it! We use only the most up to date, kind, fair and effective methods to help train your pets such as clicker positive reinforcement training. We do not advocate the use of punishment such as choke/check chain, spiked or prone collars or E-collar (electric). Nor kicking, nipping, pinching or pinning of dogs. Not only are these methods inhuman but also derogatory in training and behaviour modification not to mention the relationship with the pet.

Moving forward

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand or quick fix when it comes to modify a dog’s behaviour. This is because they have learned over a period of time how to act, re-act both physically and emotionally to a given situation. With understanding of WHY the dog does this, we can then provide a behaviour modification plan, advice and training, which would then be implemented to allow you (with our guidance) to teach your dog a new and more acceptable way to behave.

Each case is treated individually, evaluating the emotional and general mood state together with the motivational cause - most importantly the cause is addressed rather than the behaviour.

Cases can be referred by the owner’s veterinary surgeon, assuring the owner that the problem is not medically related - this can be particularly appropriate if the behaviour has had a sudden onset.

Initial contact should be made either via the telephone, email or by submitting our 'Questionnaire', at which point basic details will be take and a suitable appointment time can be made.

Depending on the problem and what you would like various options are available, (see options below) the most common and cost effective would be a consultation usually last between two and a half to three hours, during which time a full assessment of the dog and the owners interaction with the dog will be made together with in-depth history taken. From this information a personalised behaviour modification program can be implemented. This may take into account training and owner intervention but most importantly an understanding of why the behaviour has occurred and how to improve/prevent it in the future. Great improvements can often be seen, if a plan is followed fully. We would then ask for a follow up telephone conversation a few weeks later and assess if further training is required. Further practical follow up training will help speed up the process and is often required to actually make significant changes.

Home visits are available upon request.

There are 3 options available to you, to provide the best plan for your needs –

Dog behaviour services

The following may also be required or beneficial to make the best out of the plan. Some owners will have sufficient information or ability to continue on their own but depending on further needs and to speed up the process the follow options are also available and often advised –

Dog behaviour services

Cost vary depending on your needs and budget. Travel expenses are costed out accurately to prevent over charging. A deposit is taken when booking to secure your appointment time. Payment can be made with cash, (debit or credit cards, a charge is applied for this, out with the deposit payment).

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