Dog Training

Group Training - Courses/classes

Specific groups – puppy (see puppy page), novice and advanced.

Small group generally between 5-8 dogs.

7-week course, which is structured so you learn new things every week.

Due it being a course NO REFUND will be given a week prior of the course commencing

Approximately 1 hour each week.

Clicker training

Free goods for new puppy and novice owners

Fun based pet dog training.

Only positive methods used, clicker training, no force or punishment. 

Some age specific behavioural advice given.

Qualified and experienced companion animal behaviourist and trainer COAPE, CAPBT.

Member of the APDT, Association of Pet Dog Trainers.


Who are the courses for?

Puppies course  – 10 – 20 weeks upon course intake – Primary school! see the puppy page for details

Novice course – 19 weeks and over and our previous puppy courses, next stage  – Secondary school!

Advanced – following on from the novice course – further or higher education!


Puppies socialisation and training course/class 

For puppy details and the application form (under 20 weeks of age) go to puppy page or complete the Puppy course application form and we will get back to you.

Novice group training course

Focusing on key issues such as walking on a loose lead, recall, jumping up, sit, down, stay, wait, leave, and more. 

Advice on problem adolescent stage (6-18 months of age)

Working on distractions which are generally the issue at this stage for a young dog

The Novice and Advanced group courses are only suitable for sociable, friendly dogs with no aggression or barking issues towards other dogs or people  (see private help for this).

Fill in the'Novice course application form' and we will get back to you.

See the map section at the bottom of the page for directions to our training venue. Located at Episcopal Church Hall Springwells Ave, Airdrie ML6 6EA.

See our Novice course to book a course today.

Advanced dog training course/class – for dogs who have attended the novice courses

Depending on who is in the course we will work on more advanced techniques, including further distraction work, some Rally-O, fun agility, Target training, send away, tricks, fun dance moves as well as continue your progress of previously learned skills.

See the map section at the bottom of the page for directions to our training venue.Located at Episcopal Church Hall Springwells Ave, Airdrie ML6 6EA.

See our Advanced course to book a course today.

Our Ethos

Rather than using force with a dog, isn't it better for them to 'understand' what we would like them to do and for the dog to 'want' to and 'enjoy' doing it! We use only the most up to date, kind, fair and effective methods to help train your pets such as clicker positive reinforcement training. We do not advocate the use of punishment such as choke/check chain, spiked or prone collars or E-collar (electric). Nor kicking, nipping, pinching or pinning of dogs. Not only are these methods inhuman but also derogatory in training and behaviour modification not to mention the relationship with the pet.

Dog Training Courses

Novice Course

£139 (discounted to £130 for previous clients) Secondary School

Upcoming Dates for 2022

Courses run consecutively on the same day for 7 weeks

7.30-8.25 pm

 Thursday 9 January - 20 February

Wednesday 9 March - 13 April (6 weeks only @ £112)

Thursday 31st March - 12th May

Thursday 26 May - 7 July

Thursday 21 July - 1 Sept

Thursday 15 Sept - 27 Oct

Thursday 3 Nov - 15 Dec

novice advance options

Advanced Course

£130 (discounted for previous clients)  only for previous novice course attendee's

Upcoming Dates for 2022

7.30 -8.30pm

Wednesday 8 January - 12 February (see facebook for details)

Wednesday 14 Sept - 2 Nov (Off 12 Oct)

novice advance options

Training venue

- Episcopal Church Hall Springwells Ave, Airdrie ML6 6EA.

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