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Puppies - puppy class, puppy socialising and training classes/courses, puppy training and puppy problems solving or prevention.

All you need to get a puppy off to a good start. From advice on the best puppy to suit your family to the puppy course offers appropriate socialisation, KC certificate training and advice and the private puppy right start with personalised advice and training in your own home if you prefer.

Services offered

Puppy socialisation and training courses/class – group socialising, training and advice up to 20 weeks of age 

Private puppy right start - private advice and training up to 6 months of age

Matching service– to help you find the best lifestyle match when choosing a puppy or dog

Advice and or training on –

PC = Puppy course
PRS = Private Puppy Right Start

  • Puppy matching service – help to choose the right puppy for you
  • Prevent biting/mouthing of people
  • Prevent chewing of items
  • House toilet training made easy
  • Puppies needs – diet, mental and physical stimulation
  • Appropriate socialisation and habituation – to prevent barking, etc.
  • Training such as sit, recall, loose lead walking and more
  • Handling your puppy appropriately
  • Encourage understanding
  • Teach basic manners around others
  • Training by a qualified pet behaviourist and trainer
  • Training to the Kennel Club GCS Puppy Foundation Level – Puppy course only
  • Home alone, separation related issues, crying, whining, barking, toileting, being destructive – PRS
  • Breed specific behavioural traits and how to prevent potential problems – PRS
  • Puppies interactions with others, adults, children, elderly other pets – PRS
  • Home visits if required - PRS

Puppy socialisation and training course/class

  • Only for puppies between 10 – 20 weeks of age (before the adult teeth appear)
  • Small groups, generally around 8 puppies
  • 7-week course, generally consecutive, 1 hour each week
  • Due to it being a course NO REFUND will be given a week prior to the course commencing
  • Advice for what you need for new puppies (no pups attend on week one to allow for talk night)
  • Appropriate socialisation
  • The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme training certificate and rosette awarded
  • FREE goods including an information booklet on puppy behaviour
  • Handling your puppy appropriately
  • Thursday evenings at 6.25 pm, 7.30 pm, Extra's usually 8.30 pm
  • Based in Airdrie

Finding a good puppy class/course is very important as they can just as easily learn problem behaviour as well as appropriate ones, such as bullying or being bullied, this is why it’s vital to have an experienced supervisor in a puppy class. As a breeder and pet behaviourist I have a special interest in puppy development and also see dogs who have 'problem' behaviours, I use this information to help prevent NEW PUPPY OWNERS from experiencing the same issues.

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See the map section at the bottom of the page for directions to our training venue. Located at Episcopal Church Hall, Springwells Ave, Airdrie ML6 6EA.

Progression – you can move on through our various other courses 

Puppy socialising and training course – is like Primary School

Novice dog training – is likened to Secondary School

Advanced dog training – further or higher education

If your dog is over 18 weeks they may be eligible for our novice course, please see the training page for further details.

Critical time for a puppy

By the time a puppy has reached 12 weeks of age the optimum age for learning social interaction is beginning to close making it more difficult to establish a friendly and confident dog. Most breeds are still responsive to novel interaction and situations until around 16 weeks but some, such as the pastoral, guarding and terrier breeds need this socialisation earlier to prevent issues later on, such as barking, lunging, snapping, biting, etc. This need for appropriate interaction is why we created our puppy socialisation class/courses. By the time a puppy is 18 weeks of age its brain has grown by around 80%. It makes sense that the more your puppy has had positive experiences by then the more your puppy will be able to adapt to life in general and in my opinion the more confident and therefore calmer they will be as adult dogs.

Private Puppy Right Start

Why is it useful? – by the time your puppy has reached 4 – 5 months of age its personality has been formed, this is our chance to mold your puppy to be the adult dog you will be proud of. What can be covered in the private 2-hour session?

  • Advice on how best to house toilet train your puppy to go outside
  • How to stop biting and mouthing hands, feet etc
  • How to stop chewing inappropriate objects
  • Socialisation, what does it mean, why is it so important and how best to do it
  • Habituation, what does it mean, why is it necessary and how best to do it
  • How best to teach your puppy to cope when home alone
  • Crate training advice if need be
  • How to teach appropriate manners such as not jumping up
  • Guidance how to get the best from your puppy and your bond together, understanding them
  • Games, the good and the bad
  • Breed traits, what to look out for how to prevent problems from occurring
  • CLICKER Training the quickest methods to respond to name, sit and recall, etc. or others you may need
  • Any other specific issues such as puppies with kids, the elderly etc.

Who is it for?

  • Especially useful if it’s your first puppy or it’s been a while since you’ve had one
  • You are already experiencing problems with your puppy
  • You’ve spent a lot of money buying the puppy and appreciate how important his education is
  • You just want to do it right, right from the start

Where and how much?

  • Usually in my office in Airdrie, £95 or £86 if booked together with the full 7-week puppy course
  • If booked together with puppy socialising course you will receive an additional £9 discount on the second booking
  • Home visits are available at an extra cost, depending on travelling expenses and time

Where and how much?

  • Even before or during vaccinations, there will be no other dogs present so he will be safe
  • Ideally within a week of acquiring your puppy
  • Before you get your puppy
  • Before he is 6 months, 26 weeks old (whilst still a puppy, after this an assessment or full behaviour consultation will be required).

Puppy lifestyle matching service

Are you considering acquiring a puppy but not sure which breed would suit you best? Then the puppy matching service can help guide you to make the right choice, fill in our Life style match form.

Our Ethos

Rather than using force with a dog, isn't it better for them to 'understand' what we would like them to do and for the dog to 'want' to and 'enjoy' doing it! We use only the most up to date, kind, fair and effective methods to help train your pets such as clicker positive reinforcement training. We do not advocate the use of punishment such as choke/check chain, spiked or prone collars or E-collar (electric). Nor kicking, nipping, pinching or pinning of dogs. Not only are these methods inhuman but also derogatory in training and behaviour modification not to mention the relationship with the pet.

Puppy Training Course

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Puppy socialising course

Spaces are limited

£139.00/Puppy course

Upcoming Dates for 2024 

Courses generally run consecutively on the same day each week for 7 weeks

From September 2023 it will always be a THURSDAY evening as the church has stopped us using the hall on a Wednesday

Generally either @ 6.25 pm or at 7.30 pm, on occasions for extra's 8.25 pm

Most courses will have the advice night via Zoom on the Monday of the same week of the course commencing.

pups do NOT attend the advice night if in the hall

11 January - 22 February 6.25-7.25 pm

8 February - 14 March (Mon 5th, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm) 7.30 - 8.25 pm

29 February - 18 April (off 4 April) @ 6.25 - 7.30 pm

28 March - 9 May (off 4 April) @ 7.30 - 8.25 pm (Mon 25th, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm)

2 May - 13 June (off 16 May) @ 6.25 - 7.30 pm (Mon 29th April, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm)

30 May- 5 July @ 7.30 - 8.25 pm (Wed 29th, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm)

27 June - 8 Aug (off 11 July) @ 6.25 -7.30 pm (Mon 24th, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm)

25 July - 29 Aug @ 7.30 - 8.25 pm (Mon 22nd, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm)

22 Aug - 3 Oct (off 5 Sept) @ 6.25 - 7.30 pm (Mon 19th, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm)

19 Sept - 31 Oct (off 17 Oct) @ 7.30 - 8.25 pm (Mon 16th, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm)

10 Oct - 21 Nov @ 6.25 - 7.30 pm (Mon 7th, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm)

7 Nov - 12 Dec  @ 7.30 - 8.25 pm (Mon 4th, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm)

28 Nov - 12 or 19 Dec @ 6.25 - 7.30 pm, (Mon 25th, advice via Zoom@ 6.25 pm) 4 or 5 weeks, reduced cost

paypal.me send £139.00 or use the link below, either can be paid via a paypal account or a credit or debit card

Puppy Socialising plus

Training venue

- Episcopal church hall, Springwells Ave, Airdrie ML6 6EA.