Remote - Private Puppy Right start

Due to social isolation this is delivered remotely, generally via Skype, which is easy to set up if needs be and communication over.

A One off, two-hour private session


Why is it useful? – by the time your puppy has reached 4 – 5 months of age its personality has been formed, this is our chance to mould your puppy to be the adult dog you will be proud of.

What can be covered in the private 2-hour session?

• Advice on how best to toilet train your puppy to go outside

• How to stop biting and mouthing hands, feet etc.

• How to stop chewing inappropriate objects

• Socialisation, what does it mean, why is it so important and how best to do it

• Habituation, what does it mean, why is it necessary and how best to do it

• How best to teach your puppy to cope when home alone

• Crate training advice if need be

• How to teach appropriate manners such as not jumping up

• Guidance how to get the best from your puppy and your bond together

• Games, the good and the bad

• Breed traits, what to look out for how to prevent problems from occurring

• Training the quickest methods to respond to name, sit and recall, etc. or others you may need

• Any other specific issues such as puppies with kids, the elderly, AGGRESSION, CAR CHASING, etc.


Who is it for?

• Especially useful if it is your first puppy or it’s been a while since you’ve had one

• You are already experiencing problems with your puppy

• You have spent a lot of money buying the puppy and appreciate how important his education is

• You just want to do it right, right from the start


Where and how much?

• In the comfort of your own home via Skype, £70 or £60 if booked together with the full 7-week puppy course

      · If booked together with puppy socialising course you will receive an additional £10 discount on second booking



• Even before or during vaccinations, the sooner you have the information the better

• Ideally within a week of acquiring your puppy

• Before you get your puppy

• Before he is 6 months, 26 weeks old (whilst still a puppy, after this an assessment or full behaviour consultation will be required).

·         Generally booked Monday – Friday, full payment will be required when making the booking when a confirmation receipt will be issued.

·         Payment can be made over the phone or via bank transfer if preferred.

·         Cancellations – 48 hours business notice is required, which does not include weekends, if prior to this the full refund will be paid if less than 48 business hours £40 would be refunded.



How do I book? – contact 01236 830822 or email


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