Novice dog training courses and private behaviour consultation

This is Alfie who came to us at 7 months having needed to be re-homed. He had spent his first few months with another dog and subsequently wanted to jump and play with anyone he saw. He also had the attention span of a flea. As owners, we unknowingly spoiled him with too much food and the wrong kind. He was wound up,nervous, hyper and attention -seeking. I took him along to Lynn's class and he only remained in class by the skin of his paws...he was really difficult some weeks. I often dreaded the embarrassment. Lynn was great and talked us through nutrition and the impact that had on behaviour. Also, turned out, he had a health issue that needed attention and antibiotics. What struck me most, that during this time, he still learned what he needed to know. And best of all, it was done in a positive way. Punishment not needed......despite people giving advice about a 'quick smack'. We had a home visit too and that was more for the owners to be more consistent, needless to say, he has the run of the place most of the time. He is sociable,lovely, lively,naughty and able to walk without causing chaos, although new places are still too much of a temptation to want to sniff and ignore the walking to heel. So, we continue to learn together. He is about to join the next advanced class and can't wait. All dogs ( and their owners) would benefit from proper training. Lynn, Margaret and Maggi are lovely and Alfie really misses his classes.

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Behaviour therapy and social gathering - aggression towards other dogs

Instead of avoiding dogs now not a squeak from Bria, amazing! We met another dog we don’t know and I was able to stand and chat to the owner for ten minutes. It was a real breakthrough. We now walk in the morning with my neighbour and her 3 dogs, and my dog trots along quietly, not pulling on the lead. I will keep attending the social gathering and would recommend anyone with any doggy issues to contact Lynn. Not only is she highly experienced and competent but she is also qualified in her field. She is never judgemental and always puts me at ease I think she must use her positive reward system on people as I can’t recommend Lynn highly enough, My wee dog Bria (border/ Lakeland cross) is a live wire and highly excitable, but when her excitement turned to aggression I didn’t know how to deal with it and my dog walks became stressful dog dodging events. Bria would squeal and bark and cry when she even caught sight of another dog, it was so loud I couldn’t approach or even speak to the other owners from a distance. I had a one to one consultation with Lynn so she could assess Bria and what her issues were. I worked with Bria on Lynn’s advice for a couple of weeks, I immediately noticed that my dog had calmed down a lot, I was still avoiding dogs on our walks. I then felt ready to attend one of Lynn’s social gatherings (I call it the naughty dog class). I was quite nervous about the noise she would make and how much she would disturb the other owners and dogs. But amazingly with Lynn’s guidance she settled down quickly and was quiet the whole class after an initial burst of a few minutes’ noise. I couldn’t believe how well behaved she was with the other dogs and how well the class went for us both. It gave me confidence too to see the change well as on the dogs. It may just be the best thing you ever do for your best friend.

Take a look at dog behaviour

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